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WTF is mindset?

What the duck is a mindset? I mean really, if you think about it, mindset involves having a mind and setting it on something. The problems can occur when your deeply held beliefs affect how you approach the situation that you’ve set your mind to.

Let’s have an example. You’re a new mom and you’ve decided to set yourself on a path to start moving again. You want to move like you used to and don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t be able to - I mean everyone on your social media “bounced back” so easily.

You’ve set yourself on a goal path of becoming like you used to be. Your belief is that you should be able to get there easily as others around you have.

The problem comes in when you come to realize that your situation is in no way the same as it was before you had your baby or even in relation to those you know.

You may now have less energy and less time to move how you want.

You may also have some pelvic floor symptoms such as incontinence and prolapse.

You may also be experiencing back and pelvic pain.

All these external things are challenging your goals of getting back to moving like you used to.

This is where working on your mindset can make a huge difference.

Realizing that getting back to moving might not happen overnight, that your body has changed and may be different yet is still good, that your bounce back goals might not be serving you as much as your desire to move pain and symptom free.

These ideas are all things that challenge your beliefs.

They are also things that will allow for you to meet your goal of moving pain free again. Because really, when you think about it, that is the goal you may actually have.

It can be incredibly difficult to break down deeply held beliefs and sometimes, you might not know where to start. This is when having a coach can help. We look at your situation from the outside instead of being immersed in it. We can see paths forward that you might not be able to see. Fitness coaching is much more than giving exercises and counting reps. It is finding ways forward towards goals and challenging you to think deeper or differently about your fitness.

If you want to dive more into your mindset with regards to fitness in the postpartum period, make sure to sign up for my newsletter. There’s a 3 part series coming to it starting tomorrow. Head to the link in my bio to get your name on it so you don’t miss out.

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