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Tip - Chill out about your workout

I don’t know about you but my motivation for scheduled and/or planned movement has dipped way down as of late. I’ve also had a few clients that have said that they’ve been feeling low in the energy department.

I’m going to tell you what I told them, and what I tell myself in the mirror on these days:

1️⃣Chill out. Missing or not being at your best for one or two or 10 workouts isn’t going to make or break your gains. We’re in this for the long haul, right? No quick fixes in this space.

2️⃣Tone down the expectations. Remember to be the ‘C’ student. Not every workout or movement time has to be 100% awesome. Allow yourself the grace to tone down what you’re expecting your workout to be.

3️⃣Take some time to breathe. Before you move, or think of moving, check in with yourself and breathe. 3 big deep sighing breaths. Start them now. Fill your whole body and then let everything (including expectations) flow out.

4️⃣Do something small and go from there. Now if you’re really up for moving in some way, start small - take a walk, play with your kids, stretch or move through some flowing movements. If small feels good, keep going. If not, try again the next day.

Most importantly through all this, I want you to do this one thing:

🛑Stop apologizing to anyone, including yourself, for missing your workout.

Figuring out what your body and mind need is a big deal. Don’t dismiss that for fear that you’re letting someone down.

You’ve got this. And if you don’t or have questions, let me know.

If you need help navigating this, check out what personal training with me could look like by clicking here.

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