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Was it pee or sweat?

After I had my first kid, I felt all ready to move my body like I used to. I got a chance to play volleyball with some friends and was super excited to feel like myself again.

I was playing.

Then I was jumping.

Then I was praying that it wasn’t pee that had just come out.

I hoped it was discharge. I hoped it was sweat.

In reality, it was pee.

I was stopped dead in my tracks, unsure what to do, thinking that everyone around me knew that I had peed myself. I was consumed with worry that this was my new reality.

It can feel embarrassing, degrading, and depressing. All the bad feelings come up when this happens to you. You think - “This didn’t happen before kids, why is this happening now?”.

As isolating as that feeling is, know that you are not alone.

Up to 33% of women have been incontinent after pregnancy. So while it’s not uncommon to happen, it’s not something that you really want to have happen, right?

Know that you don’t have to live with this happening for the rest of your life.

There are ways to change the narrative and get you moving worry and pee-free.

First thing is to check in with your friendly neighbourhood pelvic floor physiotherapist. Next up, gain some strength and strategies to kick that incontinence to the curb. This is something we do within the Strong Like a Mutha program.

Are you done with peeing yourself? Sign up for the waitlist (link in bio) and get into the newest round of the program today.

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