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Tip - Make your workout appointment for the week

We make appointments for lots of things in our lives. Especially in COVID times, you can’t go get anything done without one. We think of the things that we make appointments for as necessary things that we must get done. Doctor’s appointments, kids hockey practices, and the like are all things that we schedule time to complete. Why not make your workout one of those important things and schedule it into your week?

One of the best ways to get your workout in is to plan for it. Take a look at your week and add it in as a “not allowed to change without having to pay penalties” appointment. Just like you have to pay to cancel that dermatologist appointment that you’ve waited 6 months for, your workout is that important.

Granted shit does hit the fan and this appointment might fall through (check out an upcoming post about this), having it scheduled into your calendar and in your mind as an important appointment will help you carve out that time for you to move and get on the way to hit those goals. It will also help you say no to anything else being thrown at you and touted as more important.

Need help planning out your workouts? Shoot me a message and let’s chat. You can also click on the link in my bio to get on my newsletter list for even more fitness tips.

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