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Tip - How to fix back pain when you hip bridge

I love a good butt exercise and hip bridges are a great exercise to build your glute muscles. Glute muscles help your hips and pelvic floor work better. Win win right?

Except what happens when you’re doing this awesome exercise and your back starts to hurt? How do you fix it?

My best cue for the hip bridge is to keep your lower ribs in your front pockets. If you keep them there, you can’t over-arch your back/go up too high, which is usually why you get back pain.

A few other key cues:

1. Push through your whole foot

2. Hold in your fart at the top

3. Keep your knees in line with your hips

4. Push through both feet equally

Did this work for you? Let me know below.

Need more help? Shoot me a message and check Strong For Life Personal training to start working with me.

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