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The number on the scale is keeping you from being amazing - mindset part 2

Mindset changes part deux coming at you.

Last time I told you a real-life story about someone close to me wanting to lose her belly. At the end I asked you how it feels to think about something other than weight loss as a fitness goal.

If you’re still on the fence, let’s dive deeper.

So you want to lose those 5-10-20 pounds. Then what?

What happens after that?

Are you magically able to do whatever you want with your life that is so different from what you can do right now?

Can you live easier?

Can you move better?

What does that number on the scale mean to you?

If it’s just a number, I guarantee that the number you have in mind will not make you happy. You’ll get to that number and want a different one. Or you won’t get to that number and be miserable until you do.

Do you know what that number is doing to you?

Tough love coming at you…

It’s keeping you constantly unhappy, never achieving something that makes your life better.

I’ve been doing this whole training thing for a while and have trained many people for weight loss. Yes, I realize the apparent hypocrisy, but I’ll leave my story for another day. In that time I’ve seen the number on the scale and the look in the mirror shrink someone to nothing but sadness. Diet culture is rampant. Eating disorders, disordered perception of self, they all stem back to the idea that you need to look a certain way to get a certain positive outcome in life. “Lose x amount and be happier/live a better life/find love” - does this sound familiar?

My challenge to you today is for you to think about your life as more than just an aesthetic endeavour. What do you actually want from your life?

Do you want to be the smallest person in the room?


Do you want to be able to move your body however you want whenever you want without worrying about long setbacks due to injury?

Do you want to be strong enough to carry all of your groceries into the house in one go?

Do you want to be able to carry your toddler home from the park without getting back pain?

Do you want to be able to open a jar? How about running after your kids/grandkids without peeing yourself?

These goals can enhance your life.

Remember the questions I had in my last email?

After thinking through what you actually want from your life, I want to revisit #2 - What is it that you really want for your fitness journey?

That feeling you have right now as you think about what you really want your life to be like - Embrace it.

Now is the time to decide that you want more for yourself and then go for it.

You deserve more than to be smaller.

You deserve more than what society thinks you deserve, and even more than what YOU think you deserve.

Be strong, capable, and resilient. Know how amazing you and your body really are.

Don’t let yourself be the one holding you back from the life you really want.

Mindset shift, eh? It’s a real you-know-what but damned if it isn’t a huge part of a fitness journey.

If you’ve found yourself now needing some new fitness goals, my next email will provide a template to help you figure out some SMART ones.

If you want to talk about this with me, please don’t hesitate to reply. I know it’s tough to find someone to talk to when it comes to this stuff and I’m here if you need.

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