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Stop! You shouldn't do that!

Picture being told you shouldn’t do something.

No to lifting your kids.

No to dancing.

No to running.

No to carrying your own groceries.

No to MOVING however you want.

How does that feel?

What comes up?





Why do you feel that way?

👉🏻Are you feeling defiant because you know you’ve been able to do it before and should be able to do it now?

👉🏻Are you angry because you want the choice?

👉🏻Are you elated because you are worried to do movements again and having someone tell you that you can’t is a welcome stop?

👉🏻Are you just plain exhausted and can’t think to do any movement at all besides what is required of you from your life?

What do YOU want to do with your body?

You have desires, and goals.

They matter!

Advocating for yourself is necessary and important - especially in the postpartum and/or post injury period and especially when it comes to how you move your body.

Instead of hard yes and no exercise lists, you deserve information, flexibility in thinking, and a cheerleader in your corner.

If you want more for your fitness journey:

💫more information,

💫more options,

💫more cheering,

Let's chat and get you moving how you want and need without the worry and stress around that injury.

Check out what your training could look like by clicking here.

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