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Unsure why you would modify an exercise? Here are some reasons to stop and modify it.

I talk a lot about modifying exercises and you might be over there wondering why this chick keeps going on and on about this so much. What is the point of a modification and why the heck would you do that?

First off, you can modify an exercise to make it easier OR harder. So as much as you may think that a modification can be a soul sucker to your ego, it can actually be a liberator. Either way the whole point of making a change to an exercise is so that you can be more successful with it.

Some reasons why you may choose to stop and modify an exercise are:

1️⃣ Pain

2️⃣ Form Control

There is some nuance to these reasons and they are there to help you make a choice. Because this really is a choice for you. It is meant to make you feel empowered with what you do with your body.

As much as a coach may believe you would be more successful doing an exercise one way, you may feel differently and it’s completely up to you. Success is a personal feeling. That’s what’s great and why it’s necessary to be able to have open and honest communication with your coach or trainer.

Are you unsure how to modify an exercise or want more information about this? Check out my free resource "All Things Basic" by clicking on the link below.

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