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"No Excuses" is Bullshit

Feeling spicy today...

I get it. You want to get people off the couch and on to healthier lifestyles.

Claps for you. 👏

But saying that there’s no excuse as to why you can’t do a workout or move your body is bullshit.

Plain and simple.

It’s preying on people’s fears and doing way more harm than good.

Picture this: a mom is overwhelmed with kid number 1, or 2 or 3, or 8…seriously no matter how many kids you have or what ages they are it’s a shit show. Before you think to tell her “no excuses, get that workout in” ask yourself these questions:

❓Has she slept?

❓Has she ate anything substantial besides what she scavenges off her kids plate?

❓Is her baby cluster feeding (if she’s breastfeeding or not!)?

❓Is she injured – peeing herself, pelvic pain, knee pain, back pain, etc, etc, etc?

❓Is she working and parenting and doing all the things?

Do you think that she NEEDS to do a workout amid all that???

Yes, movement has its benefits. I will not argue with that. I wouldn’t be a fitness professional and help moms move every day if I didn’t believe that moving a body is beneficial. However, telling a mom that there’s no excuse as to why she shouldn’t get in a workout is ridiculous.

If you are someone who is telling moms or anyone this bullshit saying, you need to stop and check yourself. I only hope that you may realize the harm that you’re doing to the physical and mental aspects of someone’s life. Even if you’re trying to be helpful, this ain’t helping!

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