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It's not all in your head.

Have you ever been told something is all in your head?

For a long while I was told that there was nothing physically wrong with me. I had, sometimes debilitating, pain but was told that it must all be in my head.

When I had finally had enough and headed to the emergency room, they found a 13cm cyst on my adrenal gland that was pushing on the surrounding organs. To put it in perspective, it was bigger than a honeydew melon. Even with the size of it, the doctor told me that I shouldn’t have any pain because it was “just a fluid filled sac” and not a tumor. That statement washed over everything I was feeling and made me feel small and ridiculous that I was complaining about it.

It definitely knocks you down a peg when you’re told that you shouldn’t feel a certain way. That what you’re dealing with is somehow diminished because you’re the only one feeling that way.

You know your body best. You know what feels right, and what feels wrong. For so long women and moms have been taught to ignore the pain, the weird feelings, the signals that something is actually not right because we don’t want to be a burden to anyone.

I’m here to tell you to keep advocating for yourself. If something is wrong, make yourself be heard and don’t back down until you get the answer you need.

Answers are important. Finding the right ones most often requires more than a Google degree. Check out my 6-day Strong Like a Mutha video series to get some answers about getting back into fitness after having kids. It goes through issues and questions that I’ve been asked most about and gives you some answers to the whys.

It’s free and linked in my bio!

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