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In a world of "go hard or go home", go medium.

September is right around the corner (sorry to be a summer bummer), and just like January, people like to think of this month as a time of renewal. Renewal of schedules, and thoughts of fitness goals. It’s seen at the gym every September and January...classes get packed, equipment is always busy, and sweat is flying.

Know what happens in October and February?


You either hurt yourself because you went too hard, or you stopped going because you realized your schedule was unsustainable for your life. You once again relegate your needs to the bottom of your to-do list because if you can’t do everything you’re supposed to, why even start to do anything at all.

This mindset of all or nothing, go hard or go home, or no excuses plagues the fitness industry and is rampant on social media.

I’m here to offer a different approach. Instead of “go hard or go home”, try going medium. Go for the middle of the road. Not too much, not too little, but just right. Like Goldilocks, finding that middle ground takes some testing and reflection.

Reflection means actually listening to your body and can go something like this:

🤔Had a shit sleep? Maybe you’re not up for that maximum heart rate cardio session.

🤔Didn’t eat enough? Maybe a shorter weight session will be more beneficial.

🤔Exhausted? Maybe a rest day should happen today.

Whatever you’re going through, powering through it to go hard can get you face to face with injury and disappointment. Just like going home will get you nowhere on your goals, going hard can get you there but then bottom you out again when you have to stop. Enter going medium: possible and sustainable increase in your fitness and goals over the long term.

We’re here in this fitness thing for the long term. So let’s treat it like a marathon instead of a sprint and find ways to be successful for the long haul.

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