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How you talk to yourself matters.

Talk kindly to yourself❤

Recently when I’ve been goal setting with some clients a big part of my discussions have ventured towards the idea of how you talk to yourself. I feel that this is an important issue to address so I’d like you to think about the way you talk to yourself.

🧐What was the last nice thing you said to yourself?

🧐What was the last not-so-nice thing?

🧐Is there more mean talk than nice talk happening?

Something to think about: My mom always tells me that if you talk lovingly and nicely to plants, they grow big and healthy and are happy. The same applies to people. If you talk nicely to the people around you, they become happier.

So why then would you not talk nicely to yourself?

Why do you say the things you say to yourself?

Do you not want to grow happy and healthy?🌹

Another side to consider:

Would you talk to your children the way you talk to yourself?

Would you tell your daughter not to wear those pants because they make her look fat?

Would you tell your son to go for a run because he’s a fatso?

The way we talk to ourselves is huge. Our language means just as much when we direct it to others as when we direct it to ourselves.

Speak kindly to yourself. Your body and mind will thank you for it.

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