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Done is better than perfect.

100% all the time no matter what.

“Go hard or go home”.

Is this you?

Are you the person always striving for the A+ in life and in fitness?

Did you know that being that perfectionist might be hindering you from getting the progress you seek?

Think of the ways that this might show up for you.

Do you not even start to do a workout if you can’t commit the full time allotment you need?

Do you train maximal weight every time?

Do you fully engage both your muscles and your breath every time you do any movement?

Whether you’re looking at decreasing your pelvic floor symptoms, or gain strength in your body, or get back into a fitness routine, doing the maximal amount of work might be doing less of a service than you think.

My tip: when it comes to fitness, try to be the C student.

Do just enough to get by and no more.

What can this look like?

Using your muscles only as much as is necessary for the weight you choose.

Using your breath and core engagement based on the effort you need.

Doing a 5 minute mobility flow instead of a full strength workout on some days.

Following a training program that increases and decreases in intensity based on your goals.

What is it not?

Giving up on yourself.

Half assing it.

Playing a victim and being a failure.

I get it. I love to win and I strive to be the best in the things I do. But trying to do it all perfectly AND do life at the same time isn’t always possible and doesn’t always get me to a place I want to be.

Instead, choosing to consistently be a C student is a way to make gains, live life fully, and not be stuck on the sidelines being too scared to fail to even start.

Consistency over perfection.

Done is better than perfect.

This is something we learn about in the Strong like a Mutha program. Want to learn more about it? Check out the link in my bio and sign up to get on my newsletter list for the first crack at getting in on our next round.

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